Film splicer

Vorrichtung zum Verbinden von Filmen

Soudeuse de film


A film splicer for connecting a first film (12) and a second film (15) to each other includes a pair of rolls (11, 14) of said films (12, 15) wherein the film splicer comprises further a) a pair of rods (122, 125) disposed advanceably and retreatably and mounted to form a preset angle, b) a pair of heater-receiving rollers (123, 126) each rotatably supported at corresponding one of said rods (122, 125) for alternately transporting the first film (12) and the second film (15), and c) a pair of sealing and cutting heaters (110, 111) each disposed in an opposed relation to corresponding one of said heater-receiving rollers (122, 125) and each including a heater and a cutter, d) said heater-receiving rollers (123, 126) being adapted to clamp both the films (12, 15) between the heater-receiving rollers (123, 126) themselves and said sealing and cutting heaters (110, 111), when said rods (122, 125) are advanced.




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