Semi-automatic pistol having a recoil spring which can be uncoupled from the slide

Pistolet automatique muni d'un ressort anti-recul qui peut être découplé de la culasse

Semi-automatische Pistole wobei die Rücklauffeder und der Schlitten entkuppelt werden können


This invention discloses a semi-automatic pistol including a frame having a chamber for loading a cartridge, a barrel through which cartridges are fired, a slide normally in a forward position on the frame but movable rearwardly of the frame by the recoil produced by a fired cartridge, and a recoil spring normally coupled to the slide so as to be stressed by the rearward movement of the slide, and thereafter to relax to return the slide to its normal forward position and to load another cartridge into the chamber; characterized in that the pistol further includes a manually movable decoupling assembly which is manually movable from a coupling position, coupling the recoil spring to the slide, to a decoupling position decoupling the recoil spring from the slide and permitting the slide to be manually moved rearwardly of the frame and then to be returned to its normal forward position for loading a cartridge into the chamber.




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