Rinsing method for a washing machine

Procédé de rinçage pour machine à laver

Spülverfahren für Waschmaschine


A rinsing method for a washing machine, which can prevent the waste of the washing liquid and can improve the rinsing effect, is disclosed. The rinsing method has the steps of introducing the washing liquid into an outer tub, spinning a spin tub such that the washing liquid contained in the clothing is discharged into a sump area, repeatedly spraying the washing liquid into the spin tub by circulating the washing liquid collected in the sump area, and draining the washing liquid collected in the sump area out of the washing machine. The rinsing method repeats the steps at least one time. Since the washing liquid is sprayed toward an upper wall of the spin tub, impurities formed between the outer tub and the spin tub are effectively removed. By the rinsing method, the washing liquid can be saved and the rinsing effect can be improved.




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