Verfahrungen zur Herstellung von gesinterten Körpern und Zusammensetzungen dafür

Procédés pour la préparation des corps frittées et compositions utilisées

Methods for preparing sintered shapes and compositions used therein


The invention relates to a process for preparing sintered shapes, comprising the steps of: (1) forming a green body from a mixture comprising a major amount of at least one inorganic powder; and one or more additives selected from the group consisting of: (A) at least one reaction product of a hydroxy compound with a carboxylic acylating agent; (B) at least one Mannich reaction product; (C) at least one hydrocarbyl-substituted amine; (D) at least one aminophenol; (E) at least one reaction product of a nitrophenol and amino compound; (F) at least one basic nitrogen-containing polymer; (G) at least one carboxylic acylating agent; (H) at least one aromatic acid or derivative thereof; (I) at least one aromatic oxime; and (J) at least one overbased or gelled overbased metal salt of an acidic organic compound provided that when the carboxylic acylating agent is a hydrocarbyl-substituted carboxylic acylating agent and the hydrocarbyl group contains less than an average of 40 carbon atoms, then the carboxylic acylating agent is a polycarboxylic acylating agent; and (2) sintering the green body. Sintered shapes made from the compositions of the present invention have relatively high fired densities and grain sizes; and relatively low pore volume.




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