Polymères de polyamide-polyurée


Polyamide-polyurea polymers


Polyamide-polyurea containing polymers are disclosed that are derived from the reaction of (A) an organic polyisocyanate: (B) an organic compound having at least two active hydrogen containing groups; and (C) from 15 to 160 parts per 100 parts of said (B) of a chain extender combination comprising (i) a particular enamine and (ii) an aromatic diamine and optionally (iii) an extender diol wherein the ratio of equivalents of (A) to total equivalents of (B) and (C) is within the range of from 0.90:1 to 1.10:1. The polymers find particular utility in the preparation of RIM parts having excellent physical properties. At the same time, the polymers are characterized by slower gel times than prior art aromatic diamine extended polymers thereby allowing the filling of larger molded parts.




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