Bildaufnahmevorrichtung zur Aufnahme eines Bildes eines Dokuments auf eine photoempfindliche Oberfläche

Dispositif d'enregistrement d'images pour l'enregistrement d'une image d'un document sur une surface photosensible

Image recording device for recording an image of a document on to a photosensitive surface


In an image recording system in which an image of a document is recorded on a photosensitive surface during relative movement of the document and surface, the lens is also moved during recording. In order to minimise the effect of machine vibrations on the lens, the lens (23) is mounted on a parallelogram linkage system. This system comprises a stationary machine frame member (38) carrying arms (35, 36) which support the lens carrying shuttle arm (37). The arms are hinged for movement at each corner by a pair of spring leaves (46, 47) positioned at right angles one to the other. Each of the leaves in a pair is attached to the end face of one of the hinged elements and to the inner face of the other of the hinged elements as shown.




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