Multipurpose dehydrogenation reaction device



The invention discloses a multipurpose dehydrogenation reaction device which comprises a top cover, wherein a reactant inlet is formed in the middle of the top cover, an upper plug and a lower plug at the bottom are arranged on the two sides under the top cover, and the upper plug and the lower plug are fixedly connected through a barrel section; through holes are formed in the upper end and the lower end of the barrel section, a wire mesh demister is arranged between the through holes formed in the upper ends, and a steam input pipe is arranged above the wire mesh demister; the through holes are communicated with a gas riser which is arranged on the wire mesh demister; a catalyst bed is arranged between the lower end of the barrel section. After gas to be dehydrogenated enters a reactor from the reactant inlet, the gas is fully mixed with steam inputted by the steam input pipe, so that partial pressure of reactant is reduced; when a mixture of the reactant and the steam downwards enters the wire mesh demister, gas and liquid are separated by the wire mesh demister, the liquid enters the barrel section, the gas enters a reaction area where a catalyst is supported by a small ceramic sphere, and a product generated by dehydrogenation reaction flows out of an outlet. The multipurpose dehydrogenation reaction device disclosed by the invention has the advantages of low construction cost and simple structure.




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