Flushing device for shed-growing grape


  • Inventors: HUANG YONG
  • Assignees: 黄勇
  • Publication Date: August 22, 2017
  • Publication Number: CN-107080477-A


The invention discloses a flushing device for shed-growing grape, and relates to the technical field of grape washing equipment. The device comprises a flushing box, and a rack which is arranged at the bottom of the flushing box, wherein the flushing box comprises an operation port which is formed in the sidewall, a connecting shaft which is vertically arranged in the center of an inner chamber, water spraying assemblies which are uniformly arranged on the inner wall, and a draining pipe which is arranged on the bottom surface and is communicated with the inner chamber; a movable door provided with a sealing ring is arranged on the operation port; a plurality of connecting rods are horizontally arranged on the outer wall of the connecting shaft; hooks are arranged at the bottoms of the connecting rods. The device is arranged in a grape planting shed; tourists entering the grape shed to harvest the grape can wash the harvested grape with the flushing device, so that the tourist can eat grapes as harvesting; the sanitation and the safety are ensured; the operation is simple; and the use is convenient.




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