Single crystal silicon storage box convenient for stacking



The invention relates to a single crystal silicon storage box convenient for stacking. The single crystal silicon storage box comprises a trapezoidal support of an upper part, a box body of a middle part, and a trapezoidal base of a lower part. The shape of the trapezoidal support is adapted to the shape of the trapezoidal base. The box body is internally provided with multiple baffle plates which are parallel to the ground, and the area of each baffle plate is same with the bottom area of the box body. By using the storage box, a metal support and a metal base are arranged, different single crystal silicon storage boxes can be vertically stacked, the coordination of the boxes is firm without tilt, and the storage space of the single crystal silicon storage boxes is greatly reduced. Rollers are arranged under the box body, and after a door plate is closed, the storage box can be integrally transported and is transported to a needed position. At the same time, when the box does not need to transport, the rollers can be collected into roller grooves, thus the stable placement and the stacking of the storage box and other storage boxes can be realized, and the storage box is very convenient and is suitable for large-scale popularization and application.




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