Keyboard capable of accommodating cup



The invention discloses a keyboard capable of accommodating a cup, and relates to the technical field of computer hardware settings. The keyboard comprises a keyboard body adopting a rectangular structure and a key area arranged on the upper surface of the keyboard body, a power supply wire is connected to the center of one side of the keyboard body in the length direction, a base plate is arranged at the lower part of the keyboard body, one side, far from the power supply wire, of the keyboard body is connected with the base plate, a support frame is arranged on the lower surface of one side, near to the power supply wire, of the keyboard body, the bottom part of the support frame is connected with the upper surface of the base plate, the longitudinal section enclosed by the keyboard body, the base plate and the support frame is of a triangular structure, and a cup accommodating device is arranged on the base plate. The cup accommodating device is further arranged on the base plate, so that a cup is prevented from being knocking over in the use process of the keyboard, and the safety and the stability in use of the keyboard are improved.




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