Passive cable temperature monitoring device with waterproof function



The present invention provides a passive cable temperature monitoring device with a waterproof function and belongs to the electric power equipment field. According to the passive cable temperature monitoring device, magnetic flux rings are wound on a cable along the axis direction of the cable; a temperature monitoring device is attached onto the surface of the cable; the magnetic flux rings are provided with wires; and the magnetic flux rings are connected with the temperature monitoring device through the wires. After the cable is electrified, magnetic flux in the magnetic flux rings is made to change based on the electromagnetic induction principle, so that current is generated in the magnetic flux rings; and the generated current can supply power for the temperature monitoring device, so that the temperature monitoring device can obtain the surface temperature of the cable. Compared with the prior art according to which a button battery is used and is needed to be replaced regularly, the passive cable temperature monitoring device of the invention can assist in saving a lot of manpower and material resources and reducing maintenance costs.




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