Dynamic strain measuring method by using vibrating wire-type strain gauge



The invention relates to a dynamic strain measuring method by using a vibrating wire-type strain gauge, which belongs to the field of electricity and is applied to a structural safety and health monitoring industry. A microcontroller controls a pulse generator through a microcontroller I/O, a string wire is excited through an exciting coil, an induction electromotive force is generated in an induction coil after vibration starting of the string wire, the induction electromotive force is conditioned through a signal amplifier and an anti-aliasing filter and is converted to digital signals, the digital signals are transmitted to a DMA controller through an SPI interface, data are finally saved in a queue buffer, and a microcontroller core carries out FFT operation on data in the queue buffer with data refreshed continuously to obtain dynamic strain data. Problems of zero shift, already damages, short service life and the like when a strain resistor is used currently for measuring the dynamic strain can be solved.




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