Method and Device for Discharging a Hydrogen Storage System in Parabolic Trough Receivers



The present disclosure describes a method for discharging a hydrogen storage system, which is found in the annular space (3) of a receiver tube (4), in particular for solar collectors, wherein the annular space (3) is formed between an outer-lying tubular jacket (2) and an inner-lying absorber tube (1) of the receiver tube (4), and the outer-lying tubular jacket (2) is connected via a wall (5) to the absorber tube (1) in a gas-tight manner. The method is hereby characterized in that an opening (O1) penetrating the tubular jacket (2) or the wall (5) is produced, free hydrogen in the annular space (3) is pumped out through the opening (O1), and the opening (O1) is subsequently sealed. The disclosure further describes a device (100) for implementing the method.




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