Plastic material for electric appliance shell


  • Inventors: OU ZHENYUN
  • Assignees: 欧振云
  • Publication Date: August 18, 2017
  • Publication Number: CN-107057319-A


The invention discloses a plastic material for an electric appliance shell. The plastic material is prepared by mixing the components, such as, polycarbonate, glass fiber, a fire retardant, a flexibilizer, a lubricating agent and an antioxidant. In the plastic material for the electric appliance shell, disclosed by the invention, high-quality polycarbonate is taken as a main material, the glass fiber is added for promoting the toughness of the material, and the fire retardant and the antioxidant which are compounded at a certain ratio are added, so that the mechanical properties of the material can be effectively promoted, the components have synergistic effects and the material has the advantage of cost. The appearance of the injection molding product is smooth and is free from visible floating fiber and other defects.




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