Lamphouse device used for stage


  • Inventors: MAO CHENJIE
  • Assignees: 毛晨杰
  • Publication Date: August 15, 2017
  • Publication Number: CN-107044593-A


The invention discloses a lamphouse device used for a stage. The lamphouse device comprises a base and a lmaphouse arranged at the upper end of the base. A lower ring part is fixedly arranged on the outer side of the base. A third motor is arranged at the middle end of the interior of the base. The top of the third motor is rotationally connected with a swivel pin shaft extending upwards. A heat extraction part is arranged on a shell of the third motor and comprises heat extraction fins fixedly connected with the shell of the third motor and an air cooler arranged on the heat extraction fins. The top end of the swivel pin shaft is fixedly connected with the middle end of the bottom of the lamphouse. An upper ring part is fixedly arranged at the edge of the bottom of the lamphouse. A circular arc groove is formed in the upper ring part. The top of the base stretches into the circular arc groove to be rotationally connected with the circular arc groove in a matched mode. The bottom end surface of the upper ring part abuts against the top end surface of the lower ring part and is rotationally connected with the top end surface of the lower ring part in a matched mode. The lamphouse device used for the stage is simple in structure and convenient to operate; the lamphouse device is controlled within a cavitywhen not used and automatically stretches out of the cavity when used, and the tedious steps of mounting, dismounting and the like can be omitted; and in addition, the demand for irradiating at different azimuths and angles can be met simultaneously.




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