Risk early warning system and method for dismantling positioning device



The invention relates to a risk early warning system and method for dismantling a positioning device. The method comprises a positioning device, a data analysis platform and an early warning platform, wherein the positioning device comprises a GPS (Global Positioning System) positioning module used for collecting the current positioning data of a vehicle, a power interface module connected with an external vehicle-mounted power, a voltage induction module which is connected with the power interface module and induces external voltage change in real time, and a logic control module independently connected with the GPS positioning module and the voltage induction module; the logic control module is provided with an early warning model so as to carry out real-time storage and processing on the current positioning data and the external voltage data of the vehicle to generate early warning data; the data analysis platform is independently connected with the logic control module and the early warning platform; the processed current poisoning data of the vehicle and the processed early warning data are received; and after the data is stored and analyzed, the data is transmitted to the early warning platform to generate early warning information. By use of the method, the positioning device and an external power are disconnected to realize an early warning, the system has the advantages of simple structure and low cost, and the problems that vehicles and drivers face risks due to emergency braking can not happen.




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