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GB-1450777-A: Methods of manufacturing printed circuit boards patent, GB-1450820-A: Acoustic surface wave device patent, GB-145089-A: Process whereby neutral oils can be profitably recovered from their "foots" or soap-stock patent, GB-145121-A: A new or improved nozzle for the delivery of water or other liquid under pressure patent, GB-1451778-A: Thermoplastic resin composition mechanical handling apparatus patent, GB-1452339-A: Medicinal preparation fo r treating malignant neoplasms patent, GB-1453508-A: Decreasing the amount of dichloroacetyl chloride contained in monochloracetaly chloride patent, GB-1453569-A: Method of controlling the growth of bacteria fungi and algae patent, GB-1453903-A: Fabricating liquid crystal cells patent, GB-1454551-A: Arcuately oscillating piston machine patent, GB-1455232-A: Circular knitting machine patent, GB-1455253-A: Signal detection circuit patent, GB-1455767-A: Valve tray for mass-exchange apparatus patent, GB-1455919-A: Cutter for opening sealed plastic bags patent, GB-1456308-A: Enclosed switchgear with a support assembly supporting load- side extensions patent, GB-1456529-A: Conveyor systems patent, GB-1456746-A: Intrauterine contraceptive device patent, GB-1456989-A: Process for the purification of copper phthalocyanine patent, GB-1457164-A: Device for protecting open wounds patent, GB-1457918-A: Method of producing an easy-opening closure patent, GB-1458329-A: Motor vehicle roof patent, GB-1458737-A: Heat-processable photographic material patent, GB-1459140-A: Apparatus for compounding and conveying injection moulding materials patent, GB-1459282-A: Electrical switch assembly patent, GB-1459524-A: Reinforced vehicle body pillar digital encoding appara patent, GB-145968-A: Improvements in and relating to cinematograph screens patent, GB-1459798-A: Air line lubricators patent, GB-1460464-A: Distance indicator patent, GB-1461877-A: Assay method utilizing chemiluminescence patent, GB-1462311-A: Amidoxime derivatives and process for preparing the same patent, GB-1463848-A: Manufacture of bubble-free monofilaments patent, GB-1464352-A: Card processing machine patent, GB-1464512-A: Analgestic formulations having enhanced therapeutic activity patent, GB-146458-A: Heels for boots or shoes patent, GB-146502-A: Improvements in gauging apparatus patent, GB-1465421-A: Mobile floor sweeper patent, GB-1465940-A: Multiple flash-bulb unit patent, GB-1466134-A: System for the television surveilance of several sectors patent, GB-1466770-A: Apparatus for applying etchant to one face of a moving web patent, GB-1466812-A: Housing of a travelling hearth patent, GB-1466894-A: Connector for a motor vehicle ignition system patent, GB-1467080-A: Arrangement for supervising two electric signals of equal frequency patent, GB-1467609-A: Method of forming a tread on a tyre patent, GB-1467665-A: Multicolour proofing patent, GB-1467951-A: Building structures patent, GB-1468073-A: Processes for producing alkenals and intermediates therefor patent, GB-1468281-A: Body for influencing the direction of flow of a flowing medium patent, GB-1468471-A: Latent adhesive pressure-sensitive correction materials and their production patent, GB-1469460-A: Composition and method for removing insoluble scale deposits from surfaces patent, GB-1469902-A: Process and apparatus for carrying out an endothermic chemical reaction patent, GB-1470251-A: Apparatus for performing in vivo measurements patent, GB-1470701-A: Digital switching system patent, GB-1470828-A: Pneumatic tyres patent, GB-1472345-A: Process and device for making wood-waste board patent, GB-1472809-A: Degradable polymers and production of the same patent, GB-1472898-A: Electric rotating field or travelling field machine with static converter control patent, GB-1473024-A: Process for the continuous preparation of trimethylol-alkane allyl ethers patent, GB-1473574-A: Sitosterol esters patent, GB-1473600-A: Waterproof watch case patent, GB-1473658-A: Concrete formwork patent, GB-1474657-A: Construction of planetary heat exchangers patent, GB-1475058-A: Rear view mirrors patent, GB-1476036-A: Process for chlorinating an aromatic compound patent, GB-1476083-A: Steel band closures patent, GB-147614-A: Gun carriage trailer with combined propulsion by means of wheels and endless track members patent, GB-1476167-A: Fixing elements for an= electric component patent, GB-1477100-A: Presser foot for sewing machines patent, GB-1477256-A: High voltage generator arrangement patent, GB-1477346-A: Electrical installations patent, GB-147734-A: Hollow supporting surface for flying machines patent, GB-1477495-A: Polyamide coating compositions patent, GB-1477690-A: Laminar settler patent, GB-147783-A: Improvements in contact members for vibrating current-controlling regulators patent, GB-1478748-A: Installation for loading or unloading a road vehicle patent, GB-1479834-A: Jigsaw puzzle postcard patent, GB-1480698-A: Salt consumption indication apparatus patent, GB-1480980-A: Automatic sheet changing system for reprographic machines patent, GB-1481011-A: Fluid-cushion vehicles patent, GB-148116-A: Improved method of cooling internal combustion engines patent, GB-1481639-A: Locking filler cap patent, GB-1481719-A: Liquid crystal cell patent, GB-1481946-A: Tree harvesting machine patent, GB-1481982-A: Camera tubes patent, GB-1482379-A: Exertion of compressive forces on moving webs patent, GB-1482967-A: Superconductive electric cable and cooling apparatus therefor patent, GB-1483271-A: Pigment complexes patent, GB-1484233-A: Phosphite phosphate their preparation and use patent, GB-1484771-A: Tyre building drum patent, GB-1485018-A: Earth-moving bowl type scraper patent, GB-148566-A: Improvements in apparatus for measuring the quantities of flowing gases patent, GB-1485761-A: Electrochemical cells patent, GB-1485815-A: Vertical shaft impeller pump patent, GB-1486159-A: Pressure medium operated switching apparatus patent, GB-1486609-A: Diaphragm assemblies for servo motor devices patent, GB-1486859-A: Hydro-pneumatic suspension unit patent, GB-1486983-A: Production of 3-methylpetane-1,5-diol and 2-hydroxy-4-methyltetrahydropyran patent, GB-1487100-A: Vulcanisable rubber-containing mixtures for tyre treads patent, GB-1487179-A: Method and apparatus for detecting polar vapours in gases patent, GB-1487787-A: Chain links and chains including such links for protection of a plurality of flexible elongated members patent, GB-1488533-A: Pressure regulator patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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